www.nasa.gov/columbia/ – Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew – “this page will collect and distribute information about the crew, the flight, and the ongoing investigation.”

As you can imagine, NASA servers are getting pounded. A very intelligent set of resources is published on NASA Television and on NASA TV on the Web. (One feeds that’s holding up very well is that from JPL … perhaps they’re used to getting pounded? This one and the other traditional feeds are consistenly better than those posted more recently.)
NB: Since 99.5% of coverage is talking head stuff, I’ve set RealAudio connection to 14.4 … not only is my feed uninterrupted, but my load is roughly 1/6th that of those sucking down 80KB or whatever. When I’m not viewing RA, I feed from KSC’s nasatv.ra audio feed at 8.5KB … again, without interruption, but this time at nearly 1/10th the pull. (Look to see who’s maximizing their own share … /that’s/ someone you don’t want on your team.)