From today’s NASA JSC daily briefing – first thermal spike was in the wheel well: 20-30 degrees rise in five minutes;
8:54 left mid-fuselage 60 degree increase over five minutes (right side increased 15); 8:58 roll trim increase in left elevon, indicating an increase in drag; measurements fail for wheel well area and back; 8:59 roll trim increase, indicating counter to increased drag on the left; loss of signal.
Data recovery may yield as much as 32secs of additional information. (Records are validated real-time; those that fail are not displayed. Data that failed strict real-time criteria is on hand.)

NB: Updated contact data for transmittal of digital images:

Real feeds: nasa_tv;
nasatv ames,
kscnasa, jpl live, and *!use this!*
nasatv audio. (JPL has a 512K feed … I cannot receive it [Hey! 28.8 SLIrP!!] so do not know its contents.)

[I have left off the list; at 6dB in the red for the duration, audio is inexcusably poor.]