NASA Mission Events Summary: “De-orbit and Entry
Weather radar image of debris path – “Anyone who believes they have found debris related to Columbia should call the Johnson Space Center Emergency Operations Center, (281)-483-3388. Be aware that hazardous chemicals may be present; do not disturb or move any debris.”

STS-107 Flight: January 16-February 1, 2003
* Commander Rick D. Husband (2nd flight),
* Pilot William C. McCool (1st flight),
* Payload Specialist Michael P. Anderson (2nd flight),
* Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla (2nd flight),
* Mission Specialist David M. Brown (1st flight),
* Mission Specialist Laurel B. Clark (1st flight),
* Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, Israel (1st flight)

Sincerest regret and sympathy to crew’s family.