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* Micah L. Sifry’s blog at
    * Sifry’s “It’s Time to Wikify Government” at
* Powerset – “next-generation [natural language] search engine”; Powerset blog; Lorenzo Thione’s blog
* Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2); see AWS Simple Monthly Calculator
* think pieces: Language Log, the blog
* “Best of 2007” by technosailor aka Aaron Brazell; see also his The Pervasive Web
    * gleaned from comments there: “10 ways to improve web 2.0 and move into an era of true interaction“; “Computing Is A Liberal Art, Part 3: Strategies for Reinforcing Loops and the Hive Mind“; “Why Verizon Went Open & What It Means
* fresh off the press at ReadWriteWeb: “2007: The Year in RSS
* for people search and for feeds analysis
* New for me at Codex.WordPress: References and external resources about “The Loop”

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