Accessing yields the following:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a0005’

Invalid procedure call or argument: ‘mid’

//functions/, line 15

Oh! Well, scuze me! I thought I might be able to edit my blog! Sihly me!

*BTW, maybe one of you google-salaried wiz-dikz can figure out how to restore the two blocks of archives your system blew away?Oh-wooops, right … it’s free, so I should eat shit. Right. Sorry. I forgot.”

Update: How lame is this: last month I couldn’t blog or edit from NS4.8 *don’t go there … I have my reasons, and they’re very good* Tonight, I cannot get past auto-login on Phoenix, but any other browser is fine.
The dweebs can’t test before rolling out?! buncha lamers.