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If you’re into free information, and/or annotation services, Andamooka is a must peek. I haven’t stepped through much of it yet (more to come) but it has brought a couple of interesting things to me immediately: KDE 2.0 Development (Table of Contents) is not exactly chopped liver *ooh … time for lunch!*, and I look forward to How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: (ToC of the HTML version) , though this seems very focussed on Python and kinda uninspired on the “thinking like a Computer Scientist” bit. (I loved the way Jon Udell [in e-mail] answered my “who but a programmer would have seen into this *ESP trick*” with “a magician!” huh huh).

Tacked onto the GreenTea page was a nice plug for The Five Easy Ways to Help Promote Free Books. Also of note is the fact that their Python book is hosted by the good folks at the Open Book Project. Support everyday heroes!!

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