I almost got in touch with some of the folks I was working with back in ’73 … the sort of folks who are called upon to fake stuff about weapons of mass destruction and suchlike. Of course, back then, it was creating a case for knocking over Chile … standard operation, involving the promotion of that fascist, Pinochet, and pumping him up til he found the balls to overthrow the Allende government. (Allende’s government was elected, quite properly, but that sort of inconvenient detail can be overlooked by the likes of Kissinger and Nixon, just like with Rumsfeld and Bush. After all, we can’t let actualities determine policy, can we … that’s for faggots, pansies, and transies, and commies, right?!!)
Anyhow, searching for Veteran Information Professionals for Sanity brought lotsa joy, but no contact. *big sigh … somebody out there is going to understand my PTSD, someday … I wonder if that’ll happen before I’m fucking dead.*. But the assorted results from the permuted search phrase included this … a nice big (I mean big) slab of quotes: Cool Quotes, compiled from Ex Libris

A question: if good and intelligent folks like yourself wilfully believe the crappy arguments put forward to substantiate the Bush / Rumsfeld / Horowitz cabal’s claim that Iraq had WMD, doesn’t that indicate that fascism is already in control of the USofA? No? No, of course not … 2+2=3, 2+2=5, 2+2=17 … whatever neo-con / neo-liberal / neo-realist greed requires it to be. And fuck the constitution. And fuck democracy. And fuck “the people“. You’ve got mortgages and car-payments, right?

Ain’t it funny … coming up to 30 years since my brain shattered, and my insights on that fateful day have panned out to the finest stroke: I have needed to live in the company of cretinous cowards with whom honest and difficult discourse is strictly verboten.
Quick! Tell me something… I have $CDN45 to last me to the end of June … tell me tell me do, why shouldn’t I go buy a couple of bottles of scotch, just to relieve the pain for 2 or 3 days? (It’s not that hard to answer, really it isn’t; I’ve answered that a dozen times a month, every month of every year since 1973 … but then I’m not a cretinous coward, so I have the advantage.