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How did I miss "CommunityWiki"?!

see CategoryDiagram and see CategoryDiscussion. Also VisualLanguage.

Turns out I also missed LiquidDemocracy on Twisted Wiki

Museworld’s ProtectingDemocraticIntent is part of an interesting online process.

MeatBall Wiki has a nice long gotta see page on DebateTool … lots of external links.

"Six Hats"

Useful for sorting discourse, yes?

  • WhiteHat : JustTheFacts, unemotional data and questions about getting more data.
  • BlackHat : TheDownSide, negative consequences, the worst things that could happen.
  • YellowHat: TheUpSide, positive consequences, the best things that could happen.
  • GreenHat : InnovativeIdeas, off-the-wall creativity.
  • RedHat : GutFeelings, emotions, what you really think in your heart and belly.
  • BlueHat : MetaThinking, process and procedure
  • from C2 Wiki’s “Six Thinking Hats

    Of LJ's BML and Javascript geeks

    Looking at what we’re using here in LJ and the system behind it … pretty awesome.

    Then, synchronously, I encounter (again) Jesse Ruderman and his Javascript shell.

    Amazing …

    Of implementation and "startup"

    So many options! I remember consulting on hardware purchases back in the early 90s … the sort of task that has informed my thinking on “Participatory Deliberation”: in an imperfect world every option closes some doors.

    RubyOnRails? Dang … I had kinda ruled that out … but kiko.com has me thinking again. (Kiko’s homepage makes a nice pitch for Web2.0 … and the description of Javascript ActiveRecord states the case for JS very neatly.) And the ActiveRecord project is, well, a pretty good pitch for Ruby itself!

    Also of interest: Douglas Crockford on Javascript.

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