This seems to be in the air! I was following a post over at ProBlogger and just now, looking for that link, found he’s posted another on this topic.

And now there’s also “On Mindmeister, XMIND and Mind Mapping” at CircleSixDesign.

I’ve seen a lot of folk wrestling with maps for large project or concepts and, well, their experience has tempered my enthusiasm … but for blogging? Seems that this “restricted case” is a real good fit.

For the record: FreeMind (an OpenSource project), Mindomo, MindMeister, and XMind.
Also, The Mindmapping Toolbox: 100+ Tools, Resources, and Tutorials from BootStrapping.

I didn’t find the site I really wanted to post. I recall that it’s from early 2006 … wudda been good for context. *shrug*