As may be seen by this LJ, I’ve not nearly managed to keep up with things AJAX/Web2.0/SOA/MashUp.

Sites like … GoogleMap mashed with data … that’s pretty impressive!

From Hinchcliffe & Company’s “Current Analysis”, “The Convergence of Web 2.0 and Service-Oriented Architecture ” / “Continuing an Industry Discussion: The Co-Evolution of SOA and Web 2.0” is a dandy example of the sort of discourse that’s underway. “The strange attractor story of SOA and Web 2.0 convergence is only getting more interesting and relevant” … indeed!

I just posted a reply to that story … even took a few minutes to craft it a bit huh huh. (Web2.0 writer needed?! Yiss, puh-leeze! *grin*)

Your “putting excessive attention on the technical plumbing risks the loss of decision maker’s attention” rang a whole set of resonances with me. My first reaction was to riff on “When all you have is a hammer” … I sometimes think we too often forget we’re here to, well, to drain the swamp.

But I think a more substantial point is this: allowing my rather brave “Web2.0 is foundationally about user experience” for just a moment, we need to start playing hard-ball with cognitive ergonomics. (That phrase was currency in the early/mid-80s … is it passe now?)

Some dashboards really show what can be done. More to the point: some mashups show how dreadful it is when we do too much. Over and above “not very well”: I mean just plain too much.

7 variables in mind at once, max. That’s a truism. So the challenge I’ve set myself is to optimize that … communications theory 101. To maximize throughput without inflicting helmet fire in the blessed user / participant / decision maker.

“Data, data everywhere, and not a thought to think!”

Also of interest:
* “QEDWiki” at IBM AlphaWorks. (see screencast by Dion Hinchcliffe … also, his “State of Web2.0“)
* Proto Software, a lovely ?what? IDE.
* … gotta see this!
*ProgrammableWeb: Mashups and the Web as Platform
* Now, how I missed the new stuff from NetSuite (Business Intelligence Software Solution) … did I find reason to ignore them at some point?

And some think pieces:
From Martin Heller, an AJAX exploit: Subverting AJAX: Prototype Highjacking“, an excerpt / chapter from Edmond Woychowsky’s “Introducing Ajax“, and “Building Mashup Portlets” from Sun Developer Network.

And on and on and on … truly, an embarassment of riches!

Buffer dump; some blogs: Web 2.0 blog, Ajaxian, Ruby on Rails blog, Burnt Hacker, and Cedric Beust’s Otaku.