… ohhhhh yes it is!

Marc Eisenstadt’s Blog at KMI (EisenBlog) popped up in my technorati faves and, well, PeopleAggregator looked so good I gave it a spin. Two spins, actually: I searched for “structured blogging” and found a recent post, then searched for “synth” and huh huh found another recent post, this one mentionning Moog circa 1971 … I bought my first Korg synth in 1974.

Count me in!

Also of note: FSF’s GPL3 work is making use of the dad-gummest comment function I’ve seen yet … and I’ve been busying myself with this stuff since 1994. (And yes, I was using Mosaic at the time! *grin*)

see this: Active commentary on GPLv3

Be sure to check out their ”process definition”. (I just started my version; documents like this move me to develop proper usage … call me perverse!)