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Since I wrote this item at supper time, all evening, (even during the talk by the Cuban Ambassador … sheesch!) I kept thinking “Structuration … like, we affect what we use by what we do? How would I go about incorporating that into a content-integration project?!” … and just now, I tripped over this quote at the technicity.net site:

“You affect the world by what you browse.” –Tim Berners Lee

“‘Structuration’ is an unlovely term at best, although it is less inelegant in the Gallic context from which it came.” … no disagreement here!
That line is from extracts and annotations of Giddens’ “The Constitution of Society

Anthony Giddens: The theory of structuration” (at theory.org.uk) reads in part:

“Giddens’s theory of structuration notes that social life is more than random individual acts, but is not merely determined by social forces. To put it another way, it’s not merely a mass of ‘micro’-level activity – but on the other hand, you can’t study it by only looking for ‘macro’-level explanations. Instead, Giddens suggests, human agency and social structure are in a relationship with each other, and it is the repetition of the acts of individual agents which reproduces the structure. “